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Welcome to GO Rhino Xpress

" Going Above and Beyond to Deliver "

About Us. Welcome to GO Rhino Xpress, LLC! Embarked on a journey in 2019, we, at GO Rhino Xpress, LLC, stood firm on the foundation of providing impeccable logistic solutions and a resolute commitment to enhancing driver’s health and fitness. Our inception story began with a team of three visionary individuals and two dedicated drivers, who, together, envisioned a logistics firm that not only serves quality but also vests deeply in the well-being of its workforce and the community. What We Do? Exceptional Logistic Solutions Your cargo is precious, and ensuring it reaches its destination safely and promptly is our top priority. Engaged in both medical and non-medical courier expediting, our diverse fleet comprising cargo vans, SUVs, personal vehicles, straight trucks, and semi-tractor trailer non-refrigeration units, caters to local and regional demands with utmost precision and timeliness. Hot shot dually hauls and dry van specialties further accentuate our versatile logistical capabilities. Driver’s Health & Fitness Advocacy The well-being of our drivers isn't just a priority; it's a commitment. Aware of the physical demands and challenges that our driving team encounters, we have intertwined our operational model with initiatives that propel awareness and actions towards health and fitness among our drivers. Their vitality is crucial to us, just like your cargo is vital to you! Ingrained in Community Charitable Involvements For us, community transcends beyond business. Engaging in local charities and community activities, we ensure that our success echoes in the society that we are part of. We actively participate and contribute to causes that amplify positive changes to human lives and environments. Impacting Lives Positively Being involved in the local community goes hand in hand with our aspiration to infuse positivity and sustainable changes in society. Our community programs and involvements are thoughtfully crafted to make tangible, positive impacts on human lives. Our Vision Forward Grow, Impact, and Innovate Looking forward, GO Rhino Xpress, LLC aims to expand its horizons, reaching more regions, serving more businesses, and ultimately becoming a beacon of positive impact in the logistics community. Growth for us is twofold: It signifies extending our logistical capabilities and also deepening our positive imprints on society and the lives of our workers. Embracing Sustainable Practices As we chart our path forward, sustainability remains at our core. We are perpetually exploring and integrating environmentally friendly practices and technological advancements to ensure our operations are as green as they can be. Being a Positive Force in Logistics We envisage a future where our brand becomes synonymous with reliable, efficient, and conscious logistics solutions. A future where our drivers prosper in wellness, and our community involvements significantly uplift the lives of many. Join Us on This Journey! We invite you to be a part of our journey – whether as a cherished client, a valued partner, or an esteemed member of our growing team. Together, let’s drive through routes of reliability, positivity, and impactful changes. Your trust propels our wheels, and together we will journey towards a future of logistical excellence and shared prosperity.









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